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from Judith Austin's portfolio development course. original presentation.
Rebrand/refresh Sheex to make their value proposition clear and reach a millennial/Gen X audience.
Partner: Serena Tang (art director)


driving idea

Our research led to the insight that people who have trouble falling asleep (either because of temperature or sweat) want better sleep and are willing to spend on sleep.

Positioning itself as a sleep ally, Sheex makes it easy to sleep.


Initially, my thought was to retain the athletic feel of the current branding, while repositioning Sheex as a luxury brand with colors and typography.

However, these attempts (as you can see) weren't really working, so Serena and I put our heads down to figure out what identity and feel we wanted to associate with Sheex.

After a lot of brainstorming, it suddenly became obvious that all you want from your sheets is comfort. With this focus, the new logo focused on being soothing, with a calming blue palette and a wide, gentle sans-serif logotype.


With comfort as a guiding principle, envisioning a new website suddenly became much easier. A lighter color palette helped evoke the airy lightness of Sheex sheets, while products were highlighted in a traditional carousel with a more visible "SHOP NOW" CTA. A simpler color palette had the added benefit of allowing images & video to stand out more.

Keeping mobile traffic in mind, the navigation was pared down to the basics, with a hamburger menu to reveal more links (and a footer capturing the rest). All elements were designed around a grid system.